Jiachen Li 李家琛

I am Jiachen Li, currently pursuing my Master's degree in Digital Media at Georgia Tech. Prior to it, I have a background in Electronic Engineering. My research interests include how people cultivate creativity through physical making and handicrafts, how unconventional digital fabrication and computational design could expand the possibility of people interacting with both human and computer in a more physical and tangible way, and ubiquitous computing and tangible user interface followed the material of objects that are not only functional but also performative as media. 

As an atypical "cross-disciplinary" person, I generate creative ideas as an artist, conduct detailed studies as a researcher, tell appealing stories as a writer, use my hands as a crafter, and accomplish tasks and achieve the final goal steps by steps as an engineer.


Nov    Join Ubicomp & COSMOS lab, working on research with Tingyu

Jul 27   Finally in Atlanta!

Having a background in engineer, I am a practical person more than an idealist. However, I highly value the cultivation of creativity in a systematic process. I consider the module of "people" and "human beings" as the most important part of design and research.

To know more about me, I'm a doll maker, a figure maker and collector. I work with clay, mostly modeling clay and polymer clay. I also do figure coating, moldering and casting. In my spare time, I travel, read and photograph. I love cats, have been living with four cats before(two of them are my cats: Jacob and Echo).



Digital Sidewalk (2020)

Inspired by the way students communicate their thoughts with chalk on sidewalk tiles on campus, we hope to create a digital sidewalk in the form of an interactive web page, where a student can share their personal stories during COVID(and beyond) on a sidewalk tile and have an opportunity to empathize, resonate, and reconnect with each other. We aim to provide people a way of communication and connection through the format of digital craft.


Newscity (2020)

Newscity is a word processor that retrieves the text entered by the user and outputs the same content in different sizes and colors according to the data from NY Times API, including the number of related articles, categories and other data. By continuously inputting different vocabulary, users can work with NY Times to build a unique 'news city' that belongs to them but also influenced by external information.


Empathy Helmet (2020)

A device was created to allow people to experience an overwhelming negative interaction of another person using a helmet with vibration motors, a resistive heater, LEDs, and a servo motor. Rather than making users experience exactly the same emotions, the helmet needs to simulate and amplify these intense emotions. Although the final effect of this helmet is somewhat similar to punishment, users can have a better understanding of each other and achieve a deeper level of empathy through this punishment.


Cat Mirror

People spent a long time in front of the mirror but never noticed it. I hope to make people aware of the existence of the mirror, and furthermore, not only regard it as an object but more as a creature with life and soul. Cat Mirror is a unique mirror that can perform differently according to the distance between people and the mirror.


EduFirst (2020)

EduFirst is a game that simulates an education-oriented society. At the beginning of the game, the player is told that the goal of judging whether the game is successful is whether your child can enter a good university, and this is closely related to his various points on “Knowledge”, “Patience” and “Concentration”. In this game, players consume their “Ability” points to ask their children to complete different tasks in order to earn different points. But, what will happen next?


TextEx APP Design (2018)

Every semester, college students need to buy textbooks for their classes. At the end of the semester, they often no longer need the books and can get rid of them. How can we make this exchange easier? We decide to create a central place for students to buy and sell all their textbooks that is convenient and offers fair prices. TextEx is an online platform for UC Berkeley students to buy and sell their used textbooks and engage in textbook exchange with other students. 


Stress APP Design (2018)

Designed UI and wearable for an app that detects the stress level of people and helps them release stress.

Used different features such as layout, weight, typography and color to distinguish two stress levels.



Let's play Chinese abacus (2019)

There are massive publications that demonstrated the significant benefits for children brought by physical interaction methods. Abacus, as a traditional Chinese physical calculator, has an irreplaceable position in pre-k and primary school mathematics education. The calculation of the abacus greatly tests the brain's ability to remember and the brain's ability to handle dynamic bead images flexibly. Long-term practice of abacus can enhance children's cognitive ability. However, though abacus has many advantages, according to interviews with teachers, it is found that the current abacus teaching has some difficulties. In order to solve these problems, we designed and developed a physical interaction system that enabled children to study the principle of mathematical calculation through the process of abacus learning.


Familyship Face Videos in the Wild (FFVW) (2018)

In this paper, we investigate the problem of video-based parent-child relationship prediction via human face analysis. Most of the existing kinship verification methods are based on single images; these approaches cannot effectively utilize videos of the face for kinship verification. Recently, there have been many methods developed to determine parent-child relationships based on face video, but all of them only do pairwise comparisons between the father and the child or the mother and the child. Thus, they cannot effectively combine information about both the father’s and the mother’s faces when judging the blood relationship. In this paper, we propose our own dataset, Familyship Face Videos in the Wild (FFVW), which is captured both in wild conditions and standard reference, to deal with this issue. 


Unintentional Touch Detection (2019)

Designed unintentional touch detection algorithm based on 125Hz capacitive sensing signal on phone.

Used flood-fill algorithm and ellipse fitting techniques to detect touch, and performed FFT analysis and generated the frequency spectrum.


Georgia Institute of Technology

Master of Science in Digital Media

University of California, Berkeley

Concurrent Student

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT)

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Information Science and Technology


Y. Sun, J. Li, Y. Wei and H. Yan, "Video-based Parent-Child Relationship Prediction," 2018 IEEE Visual Communications and Image Processing (VCIP), Taichung, Taiwan, 2018, pp. 1-4, doi: 10.1109/VCIP.2018.8698734.


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